I Fix Web Pages!  I Fix Résumés

Web Pages

You have some web pages but the guy who did them disappeared and you don't have the original source code. Does this sound familiar? Well, it happens all the time. I can fix most web pages even without the original code. You've changed your phone number. Your page features an employee who's no longer there. Your business has changed due to Covid-19. Whatever the reason I can fix your web pages.

Here's a before-and-after of the Atlas Café, a popular San Francisco restaurant. The original designer left long ago, but the owner needed several changes. On the left is the "before" page from 2014. 

Changes:  (1) The page wasn't clear on tablets and phones. Some writing was too small. (2) He needed a link to a food delivery service. It was difficult to do because I didn't have the original scripting code. However, I was able to put the link up in the title bar. It looks a bit funy, but it's been working fine for several years. (3) More recently, with Covid-19, the owner needed a way to reach customers about the need for help in putting up a "parklet" or a streetside seating area.  I took down the existing slide show and replaced it with a photo of the parklet under development. Lower in the page (not shown here, I put in a link to his GoFundMe account. The web page shows a bit smaller than the original. I did this to accommodate tablets and phones, which didn't exist when the page was originally done in 1999. 

Oh, and I also keep the original material if you should decide to go back to that.  If you need web hosting, I can provide for that, too. 

Before After

Get Started: What I need from you:  I need a link to the page you want to change. It would also be easier for me if you can provide me with the source code. I may or may not be able to use it, depending on the software that was used to write the web page initially, but there may be code I can salvage from what you have.  Also, please include the word you want changed as well as any new phone numbers, photos, new logos, etc. I want to have everyhing I'll be working with right at the start so that we don't have to go back and forth and run up your bill.

Rate: My rate is $50 an hour. A typical web redesign from a single page I've never worked on before typicaly takes about 2 to 3 hours, as I become familiar with how the web pages work and come up with a design to replace what you have. Once I am familiar with the design and the coding, I can make later changes much faster and more easily.

I ask a deposit of $100 to start with. I use PayPal for payment. To open a PayPal account, go to their website and enter your email address, which will be used for funds transfer. Use of PayPal is free, and you can use it with smartphones, tablets, and regular desk and laptop computers, using Windows, Mac, etc.   Click on the logo to go directly to PayPal.  To send me your deposit, use my account name, sfdavidkaye@yahoo.com

Use this address to contact me and send me your files.  sfdavidkaye@yahoo.com


You have an old résumé and you need it fixed. You're applying for a new job and your existing document just doesn't fit you anymore. You have new experiences, a different phone number, you've moved. Maybe the résumé just doesn't match you.  Well, I fix it. 

A few years ago a guy was applying for a job as a city landscaper. There was a lot of competition and the guy had experience mainly working for a non-profit that trains landscapers. It's hard to apply for that kind of job when you haven't done high-value landscaping before. Yet, I was able to not only get him the job, but a higher starting salary than originally listed. He now has a good income and a retirement plan, too.

Last year a guy I know was looking for work as a night auditor in a hotel. But there doesn't seem to be a central registry for those jobs. They're advertised here and there on hotel websites, sometimes on Craigslist, etc. I found him some places to reply and found him a job.

Myself, when I was first involved in software development I saw a good job listing and applied for the job. I sent my résumé to the company, and within a day I not only got an answer but was scheduled for an interview. I got the job and stayed with it for five years. They'd had a lot of résumés, but nothing they liked until they saw mine, and then they jumped at it. 

What I need to get started are these things:

  1. Your existing résumé
  2. Any previous résumés
  3. Something about your education, your skills, and other things of interest
  4. Any cover letters you may have sent in previous job applications
  5. Information about yourself such as your past jobs, hobbies, anything that has given you experience
  6. The exact kind of job you're applying for.  Sorry, "I'll take anything" doesn't work here.  We need to be specific
  7. Your correct contact information

My rate is $200 for a finished résumé, and I require a $100 deposit to get started.

Use this address to contact me and send me your files.  sfdavidkaye@yahoo.com